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Dudley Sutton





On a windswept beach, an Old Man is deep in concentration.

He can only ever rest when he finds his Treasure.




“…Beautifully Filmed…”


“…The film is excellent, fresh and raw and does not carry the usual predictability of short films…”


“…An existential essay on isolation and the meaning of life…”


“…Great script, good pacing and refreshingly different…”


“…It’s as if the producers have gone back 700 years and plucked out an unpublished Chaucerian Canterbury Tale,

modernised it, and thrown it right at us in the 21st century…”


“…Innovative comedic HD short…”


“…There are many hidden values and agendas in this film, some the producers may not even be aware of

as they are independently stimulated by viewers…”


“…Could not recall anything which would be as kind, gentle and subtle as Treasure.

My wife was moved too…”


Review from HDFest


Review from HDFest





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by Adam Starr



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