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Production Notes





*      Costume



*      Set Design









Simple costume, most of which supplied by Dudley, made up of shirt, brown trousers (M&S), wellies, cloth hat, and Barbour coat.


The all important blazer had to be purchased at vast expense from Allders as the Charity shops did not have the right size, nor correct shininess of buttons.






Set Design




Stuffed full of ‘stuff’, but everything categorised and organised into its rightful place.


In and around all the tools, the poker set, the lawnmower etc that you would find in an ordinary shed are priceless pieces of antiquity that our Treasure Hunter has unearthed during his quest.


Shed courtesy of the








Very simple set up of the Old Man having a cup of tea from his flask before setting out, back onto the sands for a day of searching.


The Director’s car was used.





Using the in-Laws living room (to whence we re-set after filming the shed in their garden), some rearrangement of their furniture was needed.




We wanted a very simple set up, just an armchair and wooden cabinet with very warm glow from table lamp.


For the final reveal, we needed a clear reverse shot all the way from Dudley’s lap, through to the bin, strategically placed in the just within the Kitchen.








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